Remote control and monitoring

Monitor your plants

Our systems measure essential parameters of a hydroponic culture such as the acidity, the nutritive level, the climate, the light and many others.

Remote access

All our solutions are designed to be remotely accessed through WiFi or 4G.

Control your setup

Almost everything is under control anytime, anywhere: pH, EC, irrigation pumps, light, water level and so on.

Data storage

Analize the measurements stored in our (or your) databases, and optimize the plant's health and your yields.

Wamron has done an impressive work. The Egrowr system is simple, it works perfectly and offers a huge added value to our hydroponic appliance.

Take a closer look into our team.

Lukasz Wroblewski

Founder - R&D Director - CEO

Passionnate about electronics and hydroponics, graduated from eletronic engineering and international business school in Paris (FR), he founded Wamron in 2016.

Marine Amoudru

Operational Director

Graduated from Warwick University (UK), passionate by plants and environment, she will effectively coordinate hydroponic projects of any size.

Vincent Gales

Sales Director

Graduated from KEDGE business school in Bordeaux (FR), amazing garderer, he is in charge of the B2C department and the promotion of the Egrowr systems worldwide.

The consumer Egrowr's page :


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